Watch my Keynote Address at Sonic Foundry's UNLEASH 2012

OK, so it was the second day keynote, but a keynote nonetheless. Here's the description:

The mobile craze, fueled by tablets and smart phones, has implications for how we produce and distribute video and rich media content. And the reality of the new “YouTube generation” viewer adds a new dimension to video consumption. Enterprises and campuses now find they need to support both production-quality broadcasts and automated, as-it-happens knowledge capture.  As one of today’s leading video streaming experts, Jan shares what the future holds as these two streaming content types converge and require a common destination.

Here's the agenda:


Sonic Mediasite does a great job indexing the content, so you can drag through the slides and just watch the segments that interest you. The early sections on the rise of mobile, the market share of the various players and how to implement adaptive streaming should be of interest to all video publishers.

Anyway, here's a link to the video.

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