Resources for Sonic Foundry Webcast


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Dawn Boyd
Said this on 05/24/2011 At 12:50 pm

I would like to find the information regarding the audio equipment and use that you mentioned in your Sonic Foundry webinar of May 24. Please direct me to this information.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Said this on 05/24/2011 At 01:09 pm

Terrific webcast.  If I can only persuade my fellow MCA-I (former ITVA) leaders to see that the webcasting medium is the ultimate direction for training and marketing for our membership, it might gain membership.  I've been a member and leader for many years and have seen your name and publications many times.  Thanks for the webcast.  Jim Powell, MCA-I National Secretary and Communications Director, (205) 706-4697

PS:  I also webcast with the International Code Council which includes a muticamera setup for building code hearings across the US.  A description page is located at

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