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Jan has worked in digital video since 1990, and is the author of over 20 books related to video technolgy, including Producing Streaming Video for Multiple Screen Delivery and the Premiere Pro CC: Visual QuickStart Guide. Jan currently writes for Streaming Media Magazine and Streaming Media Producer, and consults widely on streaming media-related topics.

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In Defense of MPEG LA

Recent bad press received by MPEG LA seems to disprove the old adage that all PR is good PR. A few weeks ago, writing for Fox News, Steve Forbes said:

One example is MPEG LA—a patent pooling entity and owner of the MPEG-2 standard commonly found in televisions, gaming consoles, and personal computers—who does not adjust their licensing fees and locks in licensors to contract terms far longer than the life of the patents despite holding predominantly expired patents.

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YouTube and VP9: A Made-for-Press-Release Event

The recent news that YouTube will demonstrate 4K video encoded with VP9 at CES with hardware support from a number of chip and TV vendors has all the earmarks of a made-for-press release event; all froth, no substance. That’s OK; press release writers have to eat too. But before you lose faith in H.265/HEVC, you should consider the following facts. Click here to see the rest of the article. 

Ozer Launches Online Course Mastering the Adobe Media Encoder

I'm pleased to announce my new course, Mastering the Adobe Media Encoder CC: An Online Course, on Udemy. Why this new course? Well, I use the Adobe Media Encoder every day, and have for many years over multiple versions. I know which presets operate...

Udemy Course Updated with Adobe Media Encoder Training

Just a quick note to let you know that I've added 16 lectures of Adobe Media Encoder training to my existing course on Udemy, Video Compression for Web, Disc and PC/TV/Console Playback. You can see the modules added below.  I've also launched a sep...

New Udemy Review: "Great Introductory Course"

My online course, Video Compression for Web, Disc and PC/TV/Console Playback has been live on Udemy for a couple of months. After two quick five-star reviews, a third has finally come in from Daniel Suarez, as shown below. Thanks, Daniel! Interest...

Handouts from Producing a Webcast From Soup to Nuts

Last week at Streaming Media East, I held 2 three-hour sessions (parts 1 & 2) on Producing a Webcast from Soup to Nuts. The descriptions are below, as are the handouts for downloading.  SM2: Producing A Webcast From Soup To Nuts: Part One Part o...

Love that Lowel TRIO

Last week, at my session Producing a Webcast from Soup to Nuts at Streaming Media East, Lowel Light Inc. was kind enough to loan me a Lowel TRIO light kit. I was looking for a light kit that I could setup in minutes, with focusable lights that I cou...

A Buyer’s Guide to Field Encoders 2014

So you’re streaming a live event at some off-site location and you’re wondering what hardware or software to buy to encode the video to send to your streaming server. Well, you’re in the right place, because that’s the subject I tackle in this Buyer’s Guide. I’ll present bite-sized chunks that should quickly help you narrow your selections. Note that I won’t be discussing on-camera encoders in depth, because those will be addressed in a separate Buyer’s Guide.

Apple Changes Encoding Recommendations for HLS

From my perspective, Apple Technical Note TN2224 is the Rosetta Stone of adaptive streaming, a document that translates multiple factors into concrete recommendations that should be considered by all producers streaming to Apple Devices. Which is to say, of course, virtually all streaming producers. So when Apple makes big changes in the Tech Note, as they did on February 28, 2014, it’s worth noting, even if I didn’t notice for a month. And there are two big changes.

Review: Vidizmo EnterpriseTube

Let me be up front about this. Vidizmo EnterpriseTube is the first corporate YouTube product that I’ve reviewed. So if you’re looking for a comparative analysis detailing how the product stacks up with other options, this, unfortunately, isn’t it. On the other hand, if you’re curious about what a corporate YouTube does and how it works, well, we can take that journey together. You in? Let’s get started.