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Jan has worked in digital video since 1990, and is the author of over 20 books related to video technolgy, including Producing Streaming Video for Multiple Screen Delivery and the Premiere Pro CC: Visual QuickStart Guide. Jan currently writes for Streaming Media Magazine and Streaming Media Producer, and consults widely on streaming media-related topics.

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Fear and Loathing at StreamingMedia West

Here at StreamingMedia West in Los Angeles this year (November, 2010) - same crowd, different location. I taught one seminar on H.264 Production for Streaming and Progressive Download, you can download the PDF here. You can find a few items of intere...

Encoding H.264 Video for Streaming and Progressive Download - Presentation

Here's the description of the presentation that I just gave at StreamingMedia West. You can download the PDF below. Enjoy!

This seminar focuses on producing H.264 video  for streaming or progressive download. It starts with a deep look at key H.264 encoding parameters like B-frames, profiles, and levels and how to customize encoding parameters for distributing via QuickTime and Flash. After detailing how to operate the H.264-related encoding  parameters in tools from Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Sorenson, and  Telestream, it then provides a brief overview of the respective quality output of these tools. Learn how your encoding tool compares in terms of quality and configurability, as well as how to configure  your encoding tool for maximum H.264 quality.

WebM vs. H.264 Bakeoff - Presentation and Handout

I just finished my H.264 vs. WebM Bakeoff presentation - you can download the PDF below.

You’ve heard the hype about VP8, but how does it really compare to H.264? This session compares quality, encoding speed, and playback requirements. It also details access to VP8 encoding from within live and on-demand encoding tools, the availability of hardware playback acceleration, and features like adaptive streaming. The session also reviews VP8 usage by YouTube and other websites.

Microsoft Throws Silverlight Under the Bus

Microsoft Silverlight has been very noticably used by NBC (Olympics/Sunday Night Football), but never achieved the penetration necessary for smaller businesses to adopt it. The thing is, while the sizzle behind Silverlight has always been video (as with Flash), the steak has always been Rich Internet Applications, and more specifically, the tools that developers use to build them. In my view, that's the primary reason that Silverlight exists.

Now, Microsoft is de-emphasizing Silverlight in favor of HTML5. This will have very little impact in the streaming video marketplace, but you don't need C#, .NET or Visual Basic to build HTML5 apps. So where does that leave developers?

Adobe Announces HTML5 Player Widget

Here's a copy of the release that you can find here. HTML5 has received a tremendous amount of buzz, much of it driven by the potential for plugin-free video. However, the limited browser support for the HTML5 <video> tag has forced web desi...

Column on Distributing HD Videos over the Internet at EventDV.net

Here's how it starts. So there I was, struggling for an idea for a column, and editor Stephen Nathans-Kelly mentioned that there was growing interest in distributing HD event-based videos to clients over the internet. Fortunately, this dovetailed ...

H.264 Presentations from Streaming Media Europe

I gave two presentations at Streaming Media Europe last week, one a three hour presentation on producing H.264 for Flash, Silverlight, QuickTime and HTML5, the other a 30 minute short course on producing H.264. Both presentations are attached hereto. Click over to the main article to download them.

The Moving Picture: So You Want to Deliver Your HD Videos Online...

So there I was, struggling for an idea for a column, and editor Stephen Nathans-Kelly mentioned that there was growing interest in distributing HD wedding videos to clients over the internet. Fortunately, this dovetailed well with some research that I recently performed, so here we are. If you’re considering distributing some or all of your wedding or event-related content over the internet in HD, you need to ask yourself at least four questions.

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Producing H.264 with Episode 6 and Squeeze 6.5

Article just posted at Digital Content Producer. I got an early look at Telestream's completely new Episode 6, with a hot new interface, and improved H.264 quality and performance. I also looked at Squeeze 6.5, which didn't really update any H.264-re...

The Moving Picture: Encoding Tips for 24p Footage

If you’re shooting in 24p, you should deliver your projects in 24p. This sounds obvious and simple, but it can get surprisingly complex depending upon your choice of encoding and authoring tool. I just spent 2 weeks comparing MPEG-2 encoders, and I saw a surprising difference in quality and ability to deliver 24p footage that Apple’s DVD Studio Pro could import and the quality Adobe Encore was able to achieve without re-encoding. In this column, I’ll discuss those findings and detail the best workflows for producing 24p DVDs.

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