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Jan has worked in digital video since 1990, and is the author of over 20 books related to video technolgy, including Producing Streaming Video for Multiple Screen Delivery and the Premiere Pro CC: Visual QuickStart Guide. Jan currently writes for Streaming Media Magazine and Streaming Media Producer, and consults widely on streaming media-related topics.

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Camtasia 7 Review

Camtasia has been my go-to screen recording application on Windows since forever, and I have at least 200 Camtasia recorded projects under my belt. But seldom, if ever, have I edited and produced my project in Camtasia, preferring the more familiar environs of Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro. To be brutally honest, in previous versions, Camtasia's editing application, Camtasia Studio, felt clunky, inefficient, and frequently dysfunctional, as if it were created by engineers who had never really edited video. Its resemblance to consumer video editor Microsoft Movie Maker did nothing to dispel that notion.

Which MPEG-2 Compressor Plug-in is Best?

I'm writing a story for Digital Content Producer on producing MPEG-2 video from HD source in Final Cut Pro/Compressor. Which plug-ins are best? - I'm trying to get Cinema Craft in, but they're not responding to my emails. - I've got a trial version o...

Interesting Video on Creating Video Case Studies

aspect2.jpgJust finished watching an interesting video entitled Video Case Studies - Top 10 Tips, which was produced by UK video producer Aspect Film and Video. You can watch it here, though you may need to sign in first.

Click over to the main article to see the top ten tips and my short peer review of the video produced by Aspect.

VP6 Encoding Parameters of the Technology Laggards

OK, being somewhat of a jerk here with the headline, but I've been pretty public in my thoughts that it's time to transition from VP6 to H.264. Still, if you're not ready for that move, perhaps you might want to rethink your current VP6 encoding para...

H.264 Encoding Parameters of the Rich and Famous

Whenever I speak in public about streaming production, I try to back up my recommendations with file parameters gathered from prominent media and corporate sites. Here are some file statistics gathered for a series of sessions that I taught this spri...

VP8 vs. H.264 vs x264 Comparisons

As part of my First Looks review of VP8 and WebM for StreamingMedia.com, ran a bunch of VP8 and H.264 comparisons, initially using the MainConcept H.264 codec, since that's the codec included with Sorenson Squeeze, which I used to produce the VP8 files. Then, I added some comparison files produced using the x264 codec, encoding via the QuickTime-based x264Encoder version 1.2.13 (dated 6/27/2010). 

You can read the StreamingMedia article here. In this article, I present the frame comparisons that were too big to fit in the StreamingMedia article, plus present URLs for the streaming files that I created and compared. 

Why Flash Still Plays "Critical Role" for YouTube

From my general perspective, HTML5 has been lots of smoke with very little fire, in part because it's not yet a complete spec that meets the needs of large scale video publisher. Though Google/YouTube has been an avid HTML5 proponent, a recent blog p...

SLC Helps Navy with Streaming Encoding

June - 2010 - OK, it was just one department of the Navy – the Carderock Division in West Bethesda, Maryland. According to their web site, “Carderock Division is the principal Navy resource, national focal point and international leader in surfac...

The Moving Picture: Apple Final Cut Studio vs. Adobe CS5 Production Premium

The launch of Adobe CS5 brings to bear the obvious comparison with Final Cut Studio (FCS). Since life has been far too quiet lately, I decided to tackle this subject, but from the perspective of the totally new user, not the experienced user who would rather fight than switch. In other words, what would you say if a total newbie asked, "Which should I use, FCS 3 or Adobe CS5?"

Click to the main article to read the rest of the story. 

SLC Completes Streaming Related Training at the NIH

June 23, 2010 – Just back from a day and 1/2 of streaming related training at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. The Agency was transitioning from a Real Networks-based system over to Flash, and wanted a general introduction t...