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Jan has worked in digital video since 1990, and is the author of over 20 books related to video technolgy, including Producing Streaming Video for Multiple Screen Delivery and the Premiere Pro CC: Visual QuickStart Guide. Jan currently writes for Streaming Media Magazine and Streaming Media Producer, and consults widely on streaming media-related topics.

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A Final Cutter tries Premiere Pro

Creative Cow just published a thorough and thoughtful story about switching from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro, written by Helmut Kobler, and entitled A Final Cutter Tries Out Premiere Pro. Kobler starts by noting that he had been considering moving ...

Apple Final Cut Pro X Reviewed: Not Ready for Professionals

OnlineVideo.net published my review of Apple's Final Cut Pro X here. At about 3500 words, it's one of the longest reviews I've written in awhile, with 16 screen shots. My conclusion? While not fully rendered, my project is done, and this review almo...

Final Cut Pro X - Killed by the Suite

By now you've probably heard that Final Cut Pro X lacks many features that professionals need, including the ability to load Final Cut Pro 7 projects, multicam support, plug-in support, OML or EDL support and tape output. Judging from the noise on bl...

Adobe's Vision for Professional Video

I thought I would share a video that Adobe just posted on their vision for professional video. The speaker is VP Jim Guerard, a thoughtful, impressive guy that I've met several times. Here are some of the statistics Jim discussed (which I cribbed fro...

Flash Rocks on Android Handsets

I have to say that Google's support for Flash on the Android platform always seemed like a case of strange bedfellows to me. After all, Google is the company that paid over $100 million for On2 just to open source the VP8 codec (as WebM), reviving th...

Encoding for HTML5

I spoke on encoding for HTML5 distribution at Streaming Media East 2011, you can watch the video and download the presentation slides by clicking over to the main article.

Here's the description from the conference program:

How To: Encoding Video For HTML5

Learn the technological fundamentals behind encoding both H.264 and WebM formats for playback with the HTML5 <video> tag. Learn the basics of H.264 and WebM encoding and how to produce it for HTML5 distribution. In addition, see how the various H.264 and WebM encoding tools compare in regard to performance, quality, and features.

Speaker: Jan Ozer, Principal, Doceo Publishing

Encoding for Adaptive Streaming

My presentation on encoding for adaptive streaming from Streaming Media East 2011 is available, here's the description from the program:

How To: Encoding for Adaptive Streaming

This seminar identifies the most relevant adaptive streaming technologies and details the most critical factors for comparing them. Next, the seminar details how to choose the ideal number of streams and key encoding parameters. Then it provides an overview of options for encoding and serving the streams, and closes by describing techniques for serving multiple target platforms like Flash and iDevices with one set of encoded H.264 files.

Speaker: Jan Ozer, Principal, Doceo Publishing

If this sounds like something that you need to know, click over to the main article to see the video and download the PowerPoint slides from the presentation.

Reviews for Video Compression for Adobe Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5

Some early reviews for my new book, Video Compression for Adobe Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5, have been published, and I wanted to share them here. One of the first was from Douglas Dixon (http://www.manifest-tech.com/blog) which he published both ...

Trim without Reencoding with MPEG Streamclip

Here's a video I produced for OnlineVideo.net that shows how a free tool called MPEG Streamclip, which runs on both the Mac and Windows platforms, can trim and perform other edits and save the result without re-encoding your file. It can be incredibl...

How to Encode Video for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

My presentation at Streaming Media East 2011 on Encoding for iDevices is up. Here's the description; click over to the main article to watch the video and download my handouts.

How To: Encoding Video for iDevices

This seminar starts by detailing the playback specs for all iDevices, old and new. Then, it shares the strategies used by prominent iTunes publishers to serve the complete range of installed iDevices. Next, the seminar switches to cellular wireless delivery, with a technical description of Apple's HTTP Live Streaming, including recommendations for the number of streams and Apple's encoding parameters. The seminar concludes with a review of encoding options for HTTP Live Streaming and techniques for serving multiple target platforms such as Flash and iDevices with one set of encoded H.264 files.