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Jan has worked in digital video since 1990, and is the author of over 20 books related to video technolgy, including Producing Streaming Video for Multiple Screen Delivery and the Premiere Pro CC: Visual QuickStart Guide. Jan currently writes for Streaming Media Magazine and Streaming Media Producer, and consults widely on streaming media-related topics.

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Redo of HLS Webinar with JW Player and Sorenson Media

I produced a webinar in late January entitled Adaptive Streaming to Desktops and Mobile via HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). A simple approach; no coding required. Unfortunately, when it was time to post the on-demand version, we learned that the file had ...

Tutorial: Fixing Clipped Audio with iZotope RX3

We've all recording clipped, distorted audio from a signal that's too hot, resulting in time-consuming retakes or total disaster if the audio is from a live event. The Declip feature in iZotope RX3 can reduce that disaster to a quick and easy fix. Th...

Presentation Lessons from the State of the Union

After several hundred years of simple talking head State of the Union addresses, the Obama team broke mold with “enhanced live-stream” of the speech, which included the president on the left, and frequent infographics, photos and tweets on the ri...

Tutorial: Improve Audio Clarity with Compression in Audition/Premiere Pro CC

I produce a lot of screencams, and sometimes my voice fades at the end of the day, which can make the instruction muffled and less distinct. Audio compression is a great way to fix that, and it's really convenient in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe A...

Wistia: An OVP that Specializes in Video Marketing

Over the last three or four years, the big OVPs--Brightcove, Kaltura and Ooyala--got bigger, and the smaller ones seemed to go away. While some consolidation and/or attrition is expected in every growing market, in the OVP space it felt like there we...

How to Embed the JW Player into a Webpage

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to add the JW Player to your website, enabling adaptive streaming via HTTP Live Streaming to iOS devices and Flash enabled computers. Basically, if you know how to embed a YouTube video into your website, you can do the same with JW Player.

Tutorial: Creating HLS Files in Sorenson Squeeze: Easy Peasy!

Apple's HTTP Live Streaming is the most widely used adaptive streaming technology today because it can play on all three screens; desktop, mobile and OTT. As you'll learn in the tutorial below, producing streams for Apple's HTTP Live Streaming is easy peasy with Sorenson Squeeze.

While DASH Languishes, HLS Becomes More Useful and Accessible

Yesterday I announced a webinar titled Adaptive Streaming to Desktops and Mobile via HTTP Live Streaming (HLS): A Simple Approach; No Coding Required (more info here), which is scheduled for Tuesday, January 28th, at 2:00 PM EST. Here’s the back st...

MPEG LA Announces HEVC Licensing; Annual Max Royalty Quadruples to $25M

Just got the press release; No content royalties (H.264 had them for subscriptions and PPV) and max annual royalty quadrupled (more or less) from $6.5 million to $25 million to start.

Here's the pasted bit from the press release: full release attached below.

Decoder-Encoder Manufacturer Sublicenses

• HEVC products sold by a legal entity to end users
   - 0 – 100,000 units/year = no royalty (available to one legal entity in an affiliated group)
   - US $0.20 per unit after first 100,000 units each year
   - Maximum annual royalty payable by an enterprise (company and greater than 50% owned subsidiaries): initially starts at $25M (H.264 was $6.5 million)
• Includes right to make, use and sell
• Royalties are payable for HEVC products from May 1, 2013 forward


• No separate royalties for HEVC content
• Vendors of semiconductor chips or other products that contain an HEVC encoder and/or decoder may pay HEVC royalties on behalf of their customer who is a licensee

Wirecast Frame Rate Too Slow? Check Video Display Rate

If your capture frame rate in Wirecast drops into the 10-15 fps range, check the Video Display Rate option in the Preferences dialog. When I started testing this morning after several weeks away from the program, it was set at 60. Unfortunately, that...