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Jan has worked in digital video since 1990, and is the author of over 20 books related to video technolgy, including Producing Streaming Video for Multiple Screen Delivery and the Premiere Pro CC: Visual QuickStart Guide. Jan currently writes for Streaming Media Magazine and Streaming Media Producer, and consults widely on streaming media-related topics.

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How to: Encoding for HEVC

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This session explores the current status of HEVC, identifying options for encoding live and on-demand video using HEVC and discussing player options in the streaming and OTT markets. Topics include the comparative quality and usability of HEVC encoders—including encoders from x265 and MainConcept and techniques for maximizing output quality using both codecs.

Handouts for Replacing Flash Section

Handouts for Replacing Flash with MSE/EME session - click over to main article. Here's the description: 

The Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions are the standardized toolsets that enable browsers to deliver adaptive streaming and digital rights management without plug-ins. This session details what these extensions are, how they’re being supported by the different browser and tools vendors, and how soon those delivering premium content will switch over from plug-in-based technologies to these standards. If you are considering replacing Flash with HTML5 standards-based technologies, this session details how and when you can do it.

UHD Codec Update: Legitimate Challengers to HEVC

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If you thought HEVC was the only UHD codec in town, you've got it wrong. In addition to VP9, which has been in use by YouTube for over 12 months, we have the open source Daala, from Xiph.org, RMVB from RealNetworks, and the new PERSEUS codec from V-Nova. In this session, you'll get an update on where these codecs are in their development life cycle, their comparative performance, where they're being used and their potential for use in streaming to desktops, mobile and OTT.

Multiple Screen Delivery Workshop

This workshop shows you how to create a set of video files that will play on all devices, from smartphones to computers and OTT devices. The workshop includes a thorough overview of what’s required to produce H.264 files for multiple screen playback, including Flash, HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows Phones, Windows 8, Apple TV, Roku, and other OTT devices. Learn about adaptive streaming, including the implementation status of DASH, the Media Source Extensions (MSE), and the Encrypted Media Extensions (EME). Attendees also learn how to produce multiple files for adaptive streaming, and how technologies like transmuxing can simplify supporting multiple platforms. Attendees walk away knowing the technical requirements for delivering to all key platforms and understanding how to do so.

VP9 vs. HEVC Quality Comparison is up on StreamingMedia.com

My article, The Great UHD Codec Debate: Google's VP9 vs. HEVC/H.265, is up on Streaming Media. Here's the intro that describes what I tried to do. As of today, the great UHD codec debate involves two main participants: Google’s VP9 and HEVC/H.265. ...

Adobe Media Encoder Gets HEVC and VP9

In their latest Creative Cloud reveal, which I wrote about here, Adobe didn't include either HEVC or VP9 in Adobe Media Encoder. It turns out they didn't have to. Vanguard Video and a company called Fnord Software are doing it for them. First, HEVC. ...

DRM Resources on Streaming Learning Center

Someone sent me an email this morning asking about DRM-related information. I collected these resources for him, and then thought it might make a useful blog post. So, if you're interested in Digital Rights Management, here are four resources you can...

HEVC Advance: The New Patent Pool

My article on HEVC Advance is up on Streaming Media. Here's the opening section which tells what's covered. On March 24, HEVC Advance, an independent licensing administrator announced a new HEVC patent pool, in addition to the one being offered by MP...

Buyer’s Guide to On-Demand Encoders 2015

My article, a Buyer’s Guide to On-Demand Encoders 2015, just appeared on StreamingMedia.com. Here's the lead graph that describes what I cover.  Choosing an encoding tool is a fundamental decision for anyone posting video to a website. In this vid...

Buyer’s Guide to Cloud-Based Video Encoding and Transcoding 2015

My article, A Buyer’s Guide to Cloud-Based Video Encoding and Transcoding 2015, just appeared on StreamingMedia.com. It covers both live and VOD encoding, and should be useful for anyone considering a significant investment in on-premise encoding ...