Streaming fundamentals

Content in this category discusses the basics of streaming video and related technology.

Don't Be That Guy (Part 1)

I've been focusing a lot on webcams lately, mostly because I have a new book out on the topic, Mastering Webcam and Smartphone Video, How to Look and Sound Great in Webinars and Videoconferences. As the title suggests, the goal of the book is to hel...

Amazon Charges Outrageous Prices for Kindle Delivery

Perhaps it's just me, but something about being a book author often feels like I have a sign on my back that says "Kick Me," or worse. Maybe it's that publishers get to hold onto my royalties for 3-6 months, so I can finance their business. Isn't tha...

HEVC Advance: The New Patent Pool

My article on HEVC Advance is up on Streaming Media. Here's the opening section which tells what's covered. On March 24, HEVC Advance, an independent licensing administrator announced a new HEVC patent pool, in addition to the one being offered by MP...

More on Replacing Flash Webinar-Additional Content

As mentioned previously, I'm producing a free webinar entitled Replacing Flash with the Media Source Extensions/Encrypted Media Extensions on March 16, at 1:00 PM EST. It's sponsored by Onstream Media. You can read the description and signup here.  ...

Why Adaptive Streaming is Better than Single Bitrate

Every once in awhile, a slide comes a long that's so brilliant that you just have to share it. So it is with the slide below from Will Law's presentation at the 2013 Velocity Conference entitled Optimizing the Black Box of HTML Video. I've always str...

Choosing a Cloud Encoder

Here's the session description; click over to the main article to download the handout. 

This session describes what cloud encoding is and how it works for both live and on-demand applications. Learn the types of applications that work well with cloud encoding and the factors to consider when choosing an on-demand and live cloud encoding service. The presentation also includes qualitative and performance results from recent reviews of some of today’s leading cloud based encoding platforms, including Amazon,, Elemental Cloud, and Zencoder.

Webinar: Leverage Existing Video End Points and Infrastructure with Webcasting

I'll be moderating a webinar for Talkpoint on how companies can leverage their existing infrastructures with webcasting. The date is August 19th, 2014 at 11:00am EST, and speakers will include Adam Bell, Global Digital Marketing, from Mastercard, and...

Producing and Distributing HEVC

Here's the description; click over the main page to download the handout and access the sample files.

This session explores the current status of HEVC, identifying options for encoding live and on-demand HEVC and discussing player options in the streaming and OTT markets. Topics include the comparative quality and usability of HEVC encoders, how HEVC quality compares to H.264 and VP9 (if encoders are available) and known trials and deployments of HEVC.

Encoding for Multiple Screen Delivery

Here's the session description.

This session details the playback capabilities and technology compatibilities of desktop, mobile, and TV screens, and explores the technical issues and feasibility of producing one set of streams for all platforms, including how technologies like transmuxing and live transcoding simplify the overall distribution workflow.

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