Streaming quality control tools

Using Objective and Subjective Quality Tests

Here's a column that talks about the requirement to perform both objective and subjective testing when evaluating different encoding techniques or comparing codecs. Here's the first paragraph. I spend a lot of time assessing video quality, sometimes ...

Ozer Releases Multiple Screen Delivery Course on Udemy

Just a quick note that I released a new course on encoding for Multiple Screen Delivery on Udemy for $29. For a limited time, you can buy the course for $24.99 by entering the coupon code MSD_book when you purchase, or by clicking here to buy the cou...

Pixel Aspect Ratio - When 720x480 = 853x480

I recently taught a couple of seminars in Los Angeles at StreamingMedia West. You can find links to the presentations at the link in the previous sentance. I just got an email from a student asking: At Streaming Media West you introduced the session ...

File Analysis Tools for Streaming Video

For the most part, streaming files provide a pitiful amount of useable data, which makes programs that provide insight to the content of these files invaluable to compressionists. Depending upon your needs and operating system, there are a number of programs—most free, some at a price—that may fit the bill quite nicely. In this article, we look at a several such programs, including Apple’s QuickTime Pro, Steve Greenberg’s GSpot Codec Information Appliance, Inlet Technologies’ Semaphore, Jerome Martinez’s MediaInfo, and Sliq Media’s WMSnoop.

Sliq Media's indispensible WMSnoop.