Distributing your video

Introduction to Live Streaming Webinar Now Available Online

It's free, of course. Here's the description from the event: Live event streaming is one of those value-added functions that looks harder than it actually is. As such, event streaming represents a great opportunity to add a high profit-margin, ea...

Be Your Own Compression Consultant

So. You’ve decided to add video to your website. Now it’s time to configure the streams.You’re either working with your own streaming server, or using an online video platform (OVP) that lets you configure your streams, so now you’re trying to figure out the best resolution, data rate and H.264 encoding parameters for your file or files.

You could call me, spend a few hundred dollars to get the best answer, or you can tackle the job yourself. Even if you end up calling me in the long run, following the procedures here will knock a bunch off my fee since you’ll be doing most of the grunt work.

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Secure streaming, digital watermarking and Content ID

It's frustrating when you get an email from a reader that you don't know the answer to. Here's one from an overseas streamer who is releasing very topical videos on their site, and despite using RTMPE+ token authorization, suffered massive piracy. He...

MediaPlatform WebCaster Rich Media Conferencing Systems

I reviewed MediaPlatform's WebCaster product for Streaming Media Magazine and loved it. Here's the intro; check out the full review here. Webcasts are a great tool for acquiring and retaining customers. They’re also great for training and communic...

48 kHz Audio Can Cause Loss of Synch with Flash Playback

Most camcorders capture audio at 48 kHz, so there's a natural tendency to produce your streaming files at that sample rate. There's just one problem; it can cause loss of audio/video synch during playback on the Flash Player. Andy Stevenson of the Un...

Flash Rocks on Android Handsets

I have to say that Google's support for Flash on the Android platform always seemed like a case of strange bedfellows to me. After all, Google is the company that paid over $100 million for On2 just to open source the VP8 codec (as WebM), reviving th...

Book Excerpt: Streaming Vs. Progressive Download Vs. Adaptive Streaming

cover_small.jpgHere's an except from my (Jan Ozer) new book, Video Compression for Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5.

It’s important to recognize that when you deliver video over the Internet, you have multiple options, including streaming, progressive download and adaptive streaming. Note that the mode you choose may have a significant impact on how you produce your files.

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Video Quality of UGC and Inexpensive OVP Sites

This article contains the videos that I encoded for an article I wrote for OnlineVideo.net. Specifically, I encoded video on five UGC sites, YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, DailyMotion and Metacafe, and VideoPress, which is the fee-based video publishing option available to WordPress users. After uploading the videos, I embedded them using each web site's players in this article. Click over to the main article to view them.

HTTP Live Streaming Gains Momentum

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is an adaptive streaming technology created by Apple for streaming to iDevices, and submitted by the company to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for more general use. Over the last two months, both Google and A...

Book Excerpt: Choosing an Online Video Platform (OVP)

cover_small.jpgHere's an except from my (Jan Ozer) new book, Video Compression for Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5.

You work with an OVP the same way you work with a UGC site: you upload the file to the service; it encodes and supplies a player and embed code. Regarding the player, most vendors offer the ability to create a branded player with all the normal playback controls and embedding and email options, if desired. Another common feature is the ability to embed a single player in a page and create a video library for viewers to click through.

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