Distributing your video

Buyer's Guide: Online Video Platforms

Online video platforms (OVPs) encode, publish, and monitor on-demand and live video content. If your publishing needs are straightforward, any OVP will do, and price will likely guide your decision. Once you go beyond the basics, however, the field becomes narrower. In this article, I’ll focus primarily on the advanced features now available from a limited group of OVPs. I’ll include a checklist so you can identify the features important to you and track whether the OVPs you’re considering offer them.

Quickie Review of Video Compression for Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5

So, here I am at 3:38 on a Sunday AM, suffering from tummy rumbling insomnia fueled by massive chocolate over-indulgence at a dinner party last night (hey, I'm human). For some reason I thought vanity surfing would put me to sleep, but ended up findi...

Buyer's Guide: Live Streaming Services

Production capability and user experience distinguish services. If you're in the market, look to our comprehensive chart comparing Livestream, Justin.tv, Bambuser, MultiStream, and Ustream.

How to Produce for Adaptive Streaming

Adaptive streaming is the ideal way to deliver video content online. Here's how to do it right.

Buyer's Guide: Online Video Platforms

With dozens of OVPs in the market, it's harder than ever to select the right one. Here are some guidelines to help you choose.

Sh*t Streaming Video Consultants Say - A Digital Short

What video compression geeks do when they have a spare morning and a camcorder (and a friend who can edit).


Encoding for Adaptive Streaming - From Streaming Media West

Here's a video from my presentation at Streaming Media West in Los Angeles, and a link to the PDF of my Powerpoint slides.

Highwinds Completing Transition from RTMP to HTTP

The future of CDN-delivered video is cacheable, HTTP streaming, with MPEG DASH ultimately taking over, says Highwinds' Chris Bray

Cool Flash Widget at the Economist (How far behind is Mitt Romney?)

Sometimes I get so caught up in Flash video that I forget that Flash does many other things, from serving as the environment for the WeVideo editor to enabling sites like the Economist to present interactive data relating to the upcoming presidential...

MPEG Ratifies Draft Standard for DASH

DASH stands for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP, and it's MPEG spec that was unanimously ratified on December 2, 2011. What is DASH? As I open in my article What is MPEG DASH for Streaming Media Magazine: MPEG DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming ov...