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Commentary: Standards Are Meaningless (Until They Mean Something)

Enough with the new standards. All the talk about HTML5, DASH, and HEVC is mostly hot air, and here's why.

Download Handout - Choosing an Enterprise Encoder

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This session will discuss factors to consider when choosing an enterprise video encoding system from the likes of ATEME, Envivio, MainConcept, Thomson, AmberFin, Elemental and others. Factors include performance, output quality, quality control options, format support, expansion options, programmability, and other variables.

Consumer Brands Flock to YouTube (67%!)

Sam Walton would have liked YouTube. The site provides viewers with a range of file options in a well-featured player that offers comments, ratings, likes and captions. Companies who post videos can create their own channels and a host of viewing statistics, plus gazillions of eyeballs. In addition to that, of course, it's free. I'm guessing that Sam would have liked that just fine.

Whoever makes streaming-related decisions at Wal-Mart these days sure likes YouTube; Wal-Mart is one of the many B2C companies that have transitioned over to YouTube in the last 12 months or so. It's a significant trend, and if you're a B2C company who doesn't use YouTube as your online video platform, it may be time to reconsider.

What's Happening with Flash, DASH and HLS

Which technology will you use in 2015 to reach multiple screens, DASH or HLS? While DASH gets the most attention, HLS is my front-runner, and Flash will still dominate desktops. Flash has been one of the foundational technologies for streaming media...

Review: Dish Network's Hopper With Sling Is the One to Beat

Review: Dish Network's Hopper With Sling Is the One to Beat

The latest Dish DVR offers integrated Sling functionality and wireless iPad transfers. After thorough testing, we call it a winner.

Commentary: DASH Is Overrated—Enough Already!

The problem MPEG-DASH solves isn't that big a deal, and it's not going to make anyone's life simpler in the short term.

Adobe to add HLS and DASH to Primetime

Adobe's plans for Primetime highlight both the strengths and limitations of HLS and DASH, as well as the fact that Flash isn't going away anytime soon

Jan Ozer: Opening Act, NAB 2013

I was the opening act for NAB 2013, speaking at at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning for the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE). The talk was on Producing for Multiple Screen Delivery and a surprisingly enthusiastic group of around 300+ broadcast engineers showed up despite the hour (you can download the handout below). Not to boast, but I'll share a post-talk email from John Poray, the Executive Director of the SBE, who stated, "Our thanks to you! You provided a great opening for our programming. Tough to get people out at 8 am on a Saturday in LV but you garnered the largest opening crowd we’ve had since we started doing this in 1995."

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From Russia With Love

R1.jpgIn March, I visited Moscow to speak at the Connected TV Forum. You can read about the trip and download the handouts by clicking over to the main article.

HTML5-Compatible Market Share Tops 68%

HTML5 video is all the rage, but if your viewer's browser isn't HTML5-compatible, the video won't play unless you fallback to Flash or similar technology. I'm working on a new book and wanted to determine the percentage of desktop browsers that are H...