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Livestream Goes Completely Ad-Free, Even for its Free Service

Today, Livestream announced that all tiers of service on the new Livestream platform will be available on a completely ad-free basis immediately, including the free version. The company also pre-announced a new tier of service that will enable of live stream embedding, with pricing and features to be revealed within the next few weeks. Finally, Livestream announced the availability of a new version of its Livestream for Producers iPhone app that enables users to create an account directly from the app. This lets users download and immediately start live streaming.

Who Still Uses Flash Video? Just About Everybody

So there I was, a chapter due on my next book on live streaming, and a column due for Streaming Media. Which to tackle first, I pondered.

What is a Streaming Media Protocol

Choosing a streaming technology involves multiple considerations, including an understanding of the pluses and minuses of the streaming protocol used by the technology. This article defines a streaming protocol and then discusses the relative merits of the protocols used by today’s leading streaming technologies.

Encoding for YouTube: How to Get the Best Results

[Editor's Note, 7/20/12: After we published Jan's article, he received a note from Colleen Henry, Video Hacker, Google Video Infrastructure, with further recommendations for encoding for YouTube. We've added that information as an addendum at the end of the article.]

BP Showcases Olympic Athletes with HTML5 Video Site

So there I was drinking my morning coffee, perusing ESPN.com, and I saw a link to training videos of our American Olympic hopefuls. I'm as patriotic as the next guy, so I clicked the link, and the video opened to full browser window playback. I smirked to myself, thinking, "can't do that in HTML5," and right-clicked on the video to confirm my assumption.

Ustream, Justin.tv, Livestream, and Bambuser: Streaming Unplugged

If you have a camcorder at any enterprise, institutional, or even social event, you should consider streaming that event live. Live streaming can be free or relatively inexpensive, and live streaming services such as Ustream, Justin.tv, Livestream, and Bambuser are all reasonably easy to use. In the pages that follow, I present reviews of these four services; there are more out there, but these four have emerged as leaders, particularly during the Arab Spring and worldwide Occupy protests of the past year.

Another 5 Star Review for Video Compression For Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5

Another five star review for my book, Video Compression for Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5, from Matt Castrinos, a sales engineer with ViewCast, who manufactures capture cards and encoding devices for producing streaming video. I met Matt this month ...

Watch my Keynote Address at Sonic Foundry's UNLEASH 2012

OK, so it was the second day keynote, but a keynote nonetheless. Here's the description: The mobile craze, fueled by tablets and smart phones, has implications for how we produce and distribute video and rich media content. And the reality of the n...

Handout for Encoding Video for HTML5

Click over to the main page to download the handout. Here's the presentation description.

Learn the technological fundamentals behind encoding both H.264 and WebM formats for playback with the HTML5 tag. Learn the basics of H.264 and WebM encoding, and how to produce it for HTML5 distribution. In addition, see how the various H.264 and WebM encoding tools compare in regards to performance, quality, and features.

Handout for Choosing an Enterprise Encoder

Here's the description. Click over to the article page to download the handout.

This session will discuss factors to consider when choosing an enterprise video encoding systems from the likes of Digital Rapids, Elemental, Harmonic, Sorenson, and Telestream. Factors incorporated into the analysis will include performance, output quality, quality control options, format support, expansion options, programmability, and other variables. If you're considering buying an enterprise encoder or upgrading your current systems, you'll find this session particularly useful.