Choosing production tools

Hey, What Happened to Adobe Encore?

Looking for Adobe Encore on the Creative Cloud? It's not easy to find. Here's an intro to a story that I wrote for Streaming Media Producer about Encore's demise, and how to find it on the Creative Cloud. So, there I was, starting to run some tests o...

Review: The HP Z1 as a Webcaster's Workstation

HP's Z1 is the first all-in-one computer with workstation components and field serviceability. Here, encoding expert Jan Ozer takes a look at how this workstation-class portable PC fared in a live production and webcast environment, with testing emphasis in 3 areas: rendering, streaming encoding, and live encoding.

Audio Cleanup with iZotope RX 3 (compared to Adobe Audition)

Audio problems are a fact of life for video producers, and I'm always in the hunt for the best tool possible. After comparing iZotope RX 3 vs. Audition, I concluded that iZotope is better for both pop and click removal and noise reduction. You can se...

Premiere Pro CC Visual QuickStart Guide Garners Five 5-Star Reviews

This blog is primarily focused on streaming, but many professional steaming producers also edit, or have someone on their team who edits. For this reason, I wanted to mention that I have written the Adobe Premiere Pro CC Visual QuickStart Guide for P...

The Adobe Creative Suite is Dead

OK, a bit melodramatic, but today at Adobe Max, the company's annual creativity conference, Adobe announced that they were killing the suite to sell the Creative Cloud product which is only available via a periodic license. The primary benefit to the...

A Buyer's Guide to Portable Encoders

Live event streaming while on the road requires an encoder that's as powerful as it is portable. In this Buyer's Guide, I'll detail the categories to consider when buying a portable encoder, along with factors to consider to help identify the best product for your needs. Specially, I'll discuss software encoders, portable hardware encoders, and on-camera encoders, though exclusively for Ethernet or Wi-Fi transmission, as cellular models are covered in another Buyer's Guide.

A Buyer's Guide to Cloud Transcoding

Is 2013 the year of encoding in the cloud? Actually, it might be, at least for live transcoding in the cloud, and even on-demand transcoding should see significant migration to cloud facilities.

A Buyer's Guide to Live Encoders

Choosing a live streaming encoding tool used to be simple: You typically would encode a single stream for delivery to your desktop viewers, and budget was the most important buying criteria. When buying today, of course, you've almost certainly expanded your target viewers to include both mobile and desktop clients, with adaptive streaming preferred over single file delivery.

Tutorial: Vislink LiveGear Airstream Cellular iNG Transmitter

If you're in the market for a portable video encoder/transmitter, you should consider the LiveGear Airstream from Vislink. It's mobile and easy to use, and it employs predictive forward error correction and adaptive bitrate H.264 encoding to reliably deliver top-quality video over broadband cellular networks.c

Livestream Broadcaster Review: Deliver Rich Live Events for Less

Livestream Broadcaster is an exceptionally easy to configure and use live encoder that produced very good quality over a range of relevant bandwidths. The only significant negatives are that the unit doesn't work with the older Livestream system, and doesn't currently offer adaptive streaming, though Livestream promises to address the latter concern in the near future.