Short Video Shot with Livestream Broadcaster

Livestream was kind enough to supply a review copy of their Livestream Broadcaster box, which I worked with today. The review will appear in Streaming Media Magazine; this short snippet will give you an idea of the quality that the unit produces and some of my initial impressions.

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Said this on 08/10/2012 At 09:58 am

Greetings Jan! I actually found you in Streaming Media Magazine as the author of "Flat and Flash."  I also saw the ad for this device "Livestream Broadcaster" and was excited about viewing your review... unfortunately, I have to say that my impression of it was quickly killed because when I went to watch your clip on my iPad (which I use almost always), it loaded a black screen of death with the words, "This video is currently unavailable on mobile We are working hard at making videos on the Livestream mobile compatible."  I'm glad I saw this on my mobile device because it led me to the immediate conclusion that anything hosted on Livestream is DOA for me because I place a high importance on mobile device integration.  So... I'll keep clicking on your other reviews because your site is awesome!

Said this on 08/11/2012 At 02:08 pm

Don't give up on Livestream; they have some major announcements coming up that I hope will include iOS compatibility for on demand streams, which they do support in their older service.

Otherwise, thanks for the kind words.


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