How To: Build Your Own Cloud Encoder With FFmpeg

Here's the session description; click below to download the handout and watch the session.

Almost all of the commercial cloud encoding services, and many of the largest streaming producers encode in the cloud using FFmpeg. It’s cheap, relatively simple, and highly effective. To accomplish this yourself, you need two basic skill sets; first how to encode with FFmpeg, and then how to automate, schedule, and manage the encoding processes. This presentation will detail how to produce H.264 files with FFmpeg, and describe the tools and techniques available to simplify the automation and management of these encoding jobs for both live and VOD encoding.


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Said this on 11/14/2016 At 08:00 pm

Eagerly waiting for video!

Said this on 11/15/2016 At 08:18 am
Great, it was a fun session and David did a great job. I'l have it up as soon as it's available.


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