Apple Compressor 3.5 Screencam

Apple recently released the New Final Cut Studio, and I was fortunate enough to have an advance copy. This screencam details the new features in Compressor 3.5. Click here if you'd like to view a screencam detailing the new features in Final Cut Pro 7. For more information on Final Cut Studio, you can read my first-looks review for Millimeter here.For a review of the new features in Compressor, check out my review in Streaming Media Magazine, here.

The video was produced and encoded at 640x480 resolution, though it's presented in 575x375 resolution on the page. Click the four-arrow full screen icon on the bottom right of the player, and the video should look crystal clear. That's the plan, anyway, let me know how it looks to you.

New Features in Apple Compressor 3.5 from jan ozer on Vimeo.

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Said this on 8-2-2009 At 08:45 pm
Can you do write an article about what settings to use for optimizing screencasts. like how many b-frames to use, or how many keyframes etc. Screencasts have large single color blocks with hard color edges. Text specially gets ruined the moment you change the resolution.
Said this on 8-3-2009 At 10:20 am
Hey Schizo:

Try this article:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Mark Griffith
Said this on 8-15-2009 At 11:57 am
Hi Jan,

Can the new Compressor create a Blu-Ray image file? I much prefer this workflow. It let's me create a disk image, and then use a separate application just to burn disks whenever I need another copy. I have been doing this with Encore, then burning Blu-Ray's on my PC with Imageburn (amazing and free). Works like a charm. Thanks.

Mark G.
Said this on 8-15-2009 At 07:34 pm

Yes, you can, but I didn't test this workflow because I had a Blu-ray disk in my Mac. On Monday, Milllimeter will publish an "Apple Insider" column that I wrote describing the Blu-ray process in detail. Ping me then if you can't find it and I'll add it to this note.



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